The Military In Lasting Tribute memorial honors military heroes who died serving our nation. The memorial is an online destination where survivors can view, remember and share tributes to their loved ones with their networks, extended survivor community and military family. It is the only Department of Defense memorial that honors service members who died during peacetime. Within these pages, family members can submit the names of the service members they would like to see honored in the memorial. To be eligible, service members must have died while serving honorably on active duty from 1985 to the present.

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A Hero’s Grace

There are those,
among our best,
who answered the nation’s call.

Who left home
and love and feathered nests
to preserve freedom for us all.

They would balk at the label “hero”
and deny the laurel crest.

But as time follows them
as it tails us all – to lay us to our rest –
we have but one last chance
to stay the cold, to raise the bugle bold.

To cast honor over all their days
and give tribute, in tradition’s mold.
That we may reflect on this hero’s grace
and glories left untold.